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Welcome to the EAP Japan Program!

The University of California Tokyo Study Center (TSC) has a proud tradition spanning over 50 years in Japan. It is located on the picturesque International Christian University campus in western Tokyo and coordinates the activities of about 200 UC EAP students per year who study at 9 Japanese Host Universities.

We create an enriching, educational, and safe experience in Japan and facilitate academic advancement, cultural enrichment, physical safety, mental balance, and social activities for the EAP students.

Select an Academic Institution Hitotsubashi University ICU Keio Meiji Gakuin Tokyo University Waseda University Tohoku Doshisha Osaka University

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Contact Information

University of California Tokyo Study Center
c/o International Christian University
3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-0015, Japan
Tel: 0422-33-3118
Fax: 0422-32-0393
E-mail: alltokyo at sc.eap.ucop.edu

* Note: when calling from outside Japan, remember to drop the first 0 and add the country code 81.
(e.g. +81-422-33-3118)




Sign In / Sign Out
If you will be away for 24 hours or more, you must submit this Travel Signout Form in MyEAP This sends an email notification to the Tokyo Study Center and Universitywide Office of EAP with the student's name and travel plans. This information is crucial in case of an emergency.

Foreign nationals in possession of a valid passport and resident card who will be reentering Japan within 1 year of their departure to continue their activities in Japan will not be required to apply for a re-entry permit. Be sure to present your resident card at departure.
Before traveling, check with the U.S. Department of State to be sure there are no travel warnings for that region. You are required to abide by the UC EAP Student Travel Policy. Check your e-mail regularly while traveling.