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Medical and Insurance Information

I. Medical Information

<Visiting Hospitals/Clinics in Japan>
Make sure to bring your National Health Insurance Card when consulting with a Doctor.
Also, whenever possible, it is best to call in advance before going to a hospital/clinic.

<Medical Questionnaires in English and Japanese>
    The questionnaires will make your visit to Japanese hospitals more comfortable. Print, fill out, and take it with you to the hospital.

<List of Hospitals and Clinics>

<List of English Speaking Hospitals/Clinics where UCTSC has Previously Referred Students>
*Please note that their English ability may vary and staff at the hospital/clinic most likely won't speak English.

<For Urgent Care- List of Hospitals/Clinics with ERs>

<Seasonal Health Tips>
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter

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II. Insurance Information
    Note: You will need to submit the receipt you got at the clinic/pharmacy.