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EAP JAPAN Contact Information Notification

Please provide us with your contact information by completing and sending this form. This is very important way of keeping in touch with you in case of emergency. (e.g. earthquakes, tyhoon, cancellation of class, etc)


Host University

Cell-phone number

Land-line phone number (if you have any)

Primary Email address (other than cell-phone email address)

Cell-phone e-mail address

  In case you have a problem or any error messages pop up when you click a "Send" button, fire up Internet Explorer, hit the Tools menu, the Internet Options menu item, and then click on the Programs tab. If you then click on the E-mail: dropdown, you will see the full list of available options simply select the email program "Outlook Express". And go back to the website and click a "Sent" button again. If you still can not solve the problem, send us the form at info at mark uctsc.org by e-mail.

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