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Tokyo Study Center (TSC) Staff

While abroad, the Tokyo Study Center is your first point of contact for all matters.

We provide support by advising students on academic matters, program logistics, and personal issues; providing information on cultural activities; and helping with on-site emergencies. We work with the University of California, the Universitywide Office of EAP, EAP partner University officials, local embassies or consulates, and other service organizations to monitor local conditions and ensure EAP students' safety and security in Japan.

Kayo Takahashi
   Program Coordinator
Kazumi Onnagawa
   Program Coordinator
Kosuke Makihara
   Program Assistant
Teneal Jones

Tokyo Study Center (TSC) Staff Contact Details

Ms. Kayo Takahashi, Office Manager
(E-mail: ktakahashi*
Ms. Kazumi Onnagawa, Program Coordinator
(E-mail: konnagawa*
Mr. Kosuke Makihara, Program Coordinator
(E-mail: kmakihara*
Ms. Teneal Jones, Program Assistant
(E-mail: tjones*

 When sending us an email, please replace "*" with "@".